Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you, or makes you happy. ? Robert Tew (via arpeggia)

You won’t turn, I won’t chase
.. nothing more to say.
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Anonymous said: how has your time at BU been?

My time at Boston University has definitely been an unforgettable one. Every year is a different story and experience— good & bad. 

Education wise, I think Boston University is a great place to pursue a degree; there are so many opportunities and options available for the students. Even when choosing a major, there is a lot of flexibility and the classes themselves are tailored so that you are able to not only learn, but also apply the knowledge you have gained. One thing that impressed me about Boston University was that the classes were small enough so that you can have relationships with your professors and seek them out whenever you need something. Boston University is a prestigious research institute in itself, which explains why it is very well-known in the work field. 

Culture wise, it was completely different from what I was used to. I can honestly say that although the academics are rigorous at Boston University, adjusting culturally was more difficult for me because I was used to “west coast culture.” The people here are so driven and motivated— they always have the need to be doing something and have high expectations and goals in place. Instead of being overwhelmed or afraid of this though, I made myself one who sought only the best and tried my best in everything I did. 

Even going into my third year now at Boston University, I still get homesick and wonder if I made the right decision in choosing the east coast. But I don’t regret my decision because college is a time for you to step out of your comfort zone and discover who YOU are as a person. I think Boston University did just that for me and placed me in an environment where I had to figure out things on my own without anyone else telling me what to do or who to be. 

Wherever you go, people are going to tell you college is one huge roller-coaster ride. To find stable ground though, I think that it’s all about finding the right people and figuring out the things you are passionate about. College is so short when you think about it, but I think I found my niche and I’m only looking forward to better and brighter things in the future. Regardless of all the drama and bad situations I have gone through, I think my experience at Boston University is irreplaceable. Every year has brought on a different experience, so I’m excited to see what this upcoming year has in store for me.

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